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Crazyarte: La creatividad hecha magia

Crazyarte: Creativity made magic


Crazyarte: when the customization of cases and straps for cell phones and watches becomes magic.

Creativity and exclusivity. This is how Ángela Carvajal defines not only her business but each of her products. 100% focused on the brand new and acclaimed Apple brand, this graduate in modern languages ​​graduated from the Metropolitan University was clear, from the beginning, how to permeate the collective interest thanks to her colourful, unique and ingenious accessories with the Crazyarte stamp.

Since she was little, Carvajal has always felt attracted to design. In fact, despite having graduated in a completely different area, life gradually led her to what, today, is her business. He has sold many things throughout his life, but it wasn't until doing a simple accessory customization test that he began to consider his options: “will this be my path?”. And if. It was.

Lives in Dairy, Edo. Anzoátegui and precisely there he made his first leap of faith to what is now called Crazyarte, a brand that manages -through design- to highlight the cell phones, watches and headphones of the Steve Jobs manzanita brand in Venezuela and outside of it. .

Crazyarte and its beginnings

It was born in October 2018, with an investment of $100. “We started only with cases for the iPhones,” said Carvajal. “But then we started incorporating straps for iWatch, AirPods, among other accessories. In addition, from day one the brand was conceived to focus only on Apple and its derivatives since they are synonymous with exclusivity, as is Crazyarte”, he stressed.

All the designs are designed to inspire and spread joy, motivation and smiles. "What we choose is for and to generate beautiful feelings in people," said its CEO.

It should be noted that Ángela is not the designer of the patterns. He only selects them for the taste of people and new trends. However, it does so with the support of a diversified group of independent designers who live abroad.

Collections, materials, designs and collaborations
Everything is done based on what the client requests or what they like the most. Turkish protection eyes, for example, never fail. Neither do the stars or the little faces. “Our consumers always talk about what they want. And at Crazyarte we are faithful to it”, he said. “That also gave us the opportunity to venture out and create our own collections; each one inspired by everything that -day by day- our community asks of us; choosing from the heart because we firmly believe that our purpose is to make them happy”, said Carvajal.

Watch straps entered the portfolio in October 2020 with a small, super colorful and cheerful leather collection. It was such a success that, by December of the same year, they had their first collaboration in conjunction with a renowned Venezuelan Influencer who was inspired by the stars, gold and the much-requested Turkish eye.

“From the beginning we have taken care that our products have a unique and exclusive design, but at the same time that they have the best quality and protection for the equipment.

We use quality materials such as unicolor leather, silicone and finally nylon”, Ángela rescued. “Our cases are high-end. They offer superior protection to any other generic on the market; this generates confidence because your investment is protected”, he stressed. "We work very closely with the manufacturers until we choose only the best, in fact, the edge to protect the camera, the reinforcement on the edges of the phone and the quality of the prints are of the highest definition and durability."

In May 2021 they already had their first formal collection of Crazyarte cases. "Additionally, in that same collection we were working in collaboration with an actress and Instagram personality with whom we did something especially emblematic: the mosaic of the maestro Cruz Diez from the Maiquetía airport," he said. Today, they have 6 complete collections where Venezuela leads the way with 3 designs inspired by it.

Little by little, they integrated new products and in May 2022 they debuted with the collection of AirPods cases and the much-required Popsockets (fasteners or Phone grips). However, they do not want to stop there. “There is a lot of project still to be done and explored. Many interesting accessories to intervene and, among them, let's see with the intervention of iPhone batteries, for example. There are many surprises!” Carvajal said.


Each Crazyarte product is valued between $25 and $50 per accessory; the most expensive are always those made of materials such as leather. However, no piece costs more than what is stated in this writing.

Allied stores

Currently, they are working on their expansion around the entire country and outside of it. But, for now, they have a showroom in Lechería and in Caracas they have spaces located in La Floresta, Quinta 35, Melalovers and in San Román, in the vicinity of Laly's showroom. In addition, they are available at DLR Tech in Cumaná, Anacobeach in Anaco and, finally, Valery swimwear in Miami, with whom he will soon launch a new collection inspired by his brand's prints.
It should be noted that Crazyarte ships to all of Venezuela and anywhere in the world.
Ángela Carvajal's brand was born as a trial and error that began to gain popularity that increased in the midst of a pandemic. Between the high risk of undertaking in Venezuela and the difficult situation that the world went through in 2020, it emerged successfully, catapulting itself as a successful and profitable venture. "My business is synonymous with the fact that it can be done and that the country will always be a great market, but only when you create something significantly different," he concluded.

The idea with Crazyarte is that when you use any of our products you feel really happy. – Angela Carvajal.

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